Search engineoptimization is one of the top-performing inbound marketing activities thatmarketers leverage to scale their online businesses by creating more engagementon their website.

Compared to other channels like social media, email marketing, and PPC, search engine optimization has a different approach altogether.

Through marketingchannels like SEO, you can ensure that your website and content get maximumrelevant impressions in SERP so that more user clicks and redirect to your sitefor free.

This is an inboundmarketing activity where people come to you while looking for a solution. Youdon’t go everywhere to promote your products or services.

Here, the challenge is your website needs to be seen by search engine bots and get maximum higher search engine rankings.

To make your website worthy of ranking, you need to understand how the search engine executes the search queries.

All the search engineshave bots, also known as crawlers. Whenever somebody types anything in searchengines, these crawlers go in the depths of databases and explore maximum pageson the web. Then, they bifurcate the relevant results and rank only the bestweb resource in search engine result pages.

So, these bots must beable to identify and access your pages and eventually rank them for yourdesired keywords. So, your job is to complete all the required steps to improvethe quality of your website to make it deserving of ranking.

The first step is to addan updated sitemap on your website. This sitemap will help bots go through yoursite instantly.

Now, even though youhave done everything in your power to increase the chances of your websiteindexing, they might not get crawled at all.

You can check how manypages have been crawled in Google Search Console.

Fortunately, you canincrease the chances of your website’s crawling thanks to one of the effectivetools like engine submission websites.

These search enginesubmission websites have the power to send a signal to the search engines aboutyour particular landing page.

Then, the website has ahigher chance of getting indexed and ranked. So this way, search enginesubmission websites can dramatically improve your organic website ranking.

With the help of searchengine submission websites, you would be able to bring more organic traffic toyour landing pages and ensure maximum sales website.

The rate of searchengine crawlers to visit your site and consider it credible enough to index andrank higher in the SERP is improved.

You can improve thebrand awareness of your products and services by submitting your websites andlanding pages on these websites.

In other marketingmethods, you receive traffic through different platforms, but you cannot reallypredict who are the people visiting your site. You cannot anticipate thequality of the traffic that you get by using social media, email marketing PPC,etc.

On the other hand, with the help of SEO, the traffic that you get on your website would be highly relevant since they have come through a search engine after typing a particular keyword.

So, the people who comefrom search engines have high intent of converting as your buyers and keenlyinterested in the solutions and products that you are providing.

Just submit your websiteon this search engine submission websites enjoy better indexing and ranking ofyour landing pages.

Today, we have made an effective search engine site list to help you quickly submit your website URL and improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

50+ Search Engine Submission Sites


Baidu is the leadingsearch engine platform in China. China does not support Google as a searchengine, so locals majorly depend on Baidu to get assistance of any kind. Infact, Baidu holds 60% of market share of search engines in China.

So marketers andwebmasters whose targeted market is China must consider Baidu for their searchengine marketing activities.

Baidu’s search engineresult pages would help the brand get maximum brand awareness and pursuerelevant users who live in China.

50+ Search Engine Submission Sites to Create Backlinks in 2021 2

To improve indexing onBaidu, you can submit your URL through their page. This tool will shorten thetime span required by the Baidu search engine to crawl your particular webpage.

Once you submit yourlink in this tool, your URL will be processed by Baidu search engine which willdecide whether to include your website or not. If your webpage up to the markand follow specific guidelines, it will be indexed quickly by the web pages.


Entireweb is anotherpromising search engine that claims to provide 150 million results to theusers.

They have a robuststructure where they can provide valuable information to the users bysuccessfully retrieving the relevant landing pages from the unstructured andcomplex structure of different websites.

Other search engineslike Exactseek and IxQuick are dependent on the Entireweb to provide valuableresources to their users.

Entireweb also has awebsite submission tool that you can leverage instantly to improve yourwebsite’s appearance in front of leading search engines.

50+ Search Engine Submission Sites to Create Backlinks in 2021 3

You just need to enteryour website URL and mention your email address to submit your site to thistool on this submission website within seconds.

Once you submit yourwebsite in this tool, it automatically passes your website on all the leadingplatforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Entireweb says that their tool isalready used by more than 5 million users.

Moreover, the platformdoes not hold back in providing valuable user experience as they give monthlynotification through email to let webmasters know whether their websites areindexed or not.


Gigablast is in this industry for more than 19 years now. Founded by technology geek Mat Wells, this tool has been extremely important for webmasters to submit their URLs and increase their websites’ strength of improving ranking.

This website has thecredibility to submit your site to multiple search engines instantly.

Gigablast also has an in-house search engine that retrieves information and web pages quickly with the help of its robust hardware and scalable network architecture.

50+ Search Engine Submission Sites to Create Backlinks in 2021 4

Their database has acapacity of storing billions of webpages and provide assistance to the users.They also let you do an image search and access the directory to find outrelevant websites in your niche and understand what others webmasters aredoing.

Submitting your websiteon this platform is extremely easy. They have one of the most straightforwarduser interfaces where you can simply paste your URL on the search bar and clickon “GO” to submit your resource.


ActiveSearchResults hasa ranking algorithm known as ASR Ranking thatdetermines the ranking of particular websites based on their link buildingactivities.

The objective behindthis ranking algorithm is to determine that only quality websites that providevaluable information rank higher in search engine result pages.

So if a website hashigher ASR Ranking, it is more likely to be indexed and ranked higher in thesearch result pages.

To submit a website onthis search engine submission website, all you have to do is go to theirhomepage where you will find text fields to enter specific details aboutyourself and your site.

As you can see from the screenshot below, we have to provide the homepage URL of your website along with the email address.

50+ Search Engine Submission Sites to Create Backlinks in 2021 5

This unique andeffective search engine submission website keeps crawling the submittedwebsites after every 24 hours. They ensure that indexing is completed around 12p.m. Eastern time.

If you choose to removeyour website from ASR, it will be removed by the time of 4:30 a.m. Easterntime.

Million Short

This website aspired to provide a unique way to organize, access and discover the vast web of information that is known as the internet.

Million Short was started as a unique approach to provide a structure for searchers to find out websites that are less accessible on the web. Because leading search engines all produced almost the same results for the corresponding keywords.

This website has aimed to provide sites that could not make it to the top of search engines.

With the help of thisplatform, you can submit your website and ensure more brand visibility insearch engines. On its page, you can have three types of submission based onthe type of your website.

50+ Search Engine Submission Sites to Create Backlinks in 2021 6

You can submit your online store or a website using this channel. Just click on the respective field, and you will be given a form where you can mention your website details to submit.

Here is the complete list of all Search Engine Submission Sites.


Here are the Search Engine Submission Sites footprints.

"add url""add site""add website""add your site""add a url""add * url""add * site""add * website*"submit url""submit site""submit website""submit your site""submit a url""submit * url""submit * site""submit * website""suggest url""suggest site""suggest website""suggest your site""suggest a url""suggest * url""suggest * site""suggest * website"keyword sponsorskeyword sponsorshipkeyword sponsor charitykeyword benefactorskeyword donatekeyword donationskeyword donorskeyword "add url" / "add * url"keyword "add site" / "add * site"keyword "add website" / "add *website"keyword "submit url" / "submit * url"keyword "submit site" / "submit *site"keyword "submit website" / "submit * website"keyword "suggest url" / "suggest * url"keyword "suggest site" / "suggest site"keyword "suggest website" / "suggest * website"keyword "recommended links"keyword "recommended sites"keyword "recommended resources "keyword "favorite links"keyword "favorite sites"keyword bookmarkskeyword resources"list * keyword * sites""add comment" keyword / "add * comment""post comment" keyword / "post * comment"keyword "leave a comment" / "leave * comment"keyword "no comments"keyword "notify me of follow-up comments"keyword "wiki" ( forum / keyword forumskeyword discussion boardskeyword memberskeyword joinkeyword "advertiser testimonials"keyword "related URLs" / "* related URLs"keyword "related sites" / "* related sites""your location" +"add url""your location" +"submit site""your location" +"suggest a site""your location" +directory


The websites discussedhere are free for use and don’t ask for registering an account or logging in.

Share your views in thecomments about the search engine submission websites discussed in the article.

If you have used any of these websites or using any other resource, you can mention them in the comments to help other readers.

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