How many times did you struggle to manage yourmonthly expenses because of the limited wages of the full-time job was not ableto fulfill the requirements and needs?

It can be extremely stressful to ensure healthyand peaceful living for your family and loved ones if there are financialconstraints.

However, these days, thanks to the evolution ofthe internet and technology, people can develop a side hustle and earn someextra money by doing the things they are passionate about.

You may ask why online business is a bettersolution than going for another part-time job.

Why Go for Online Business?

Online business is mostly done through theinternet. So, you can manage and scale your business from anywhere and anytime.

You are not only allowed to work as per yourcomfort but get to choose from where do you want to work from. All you need isa laptop and a stable internet connection, and you are good to go.

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 1

You can go for a co-working space, work from home,or work remotely for an organization on online business.

You are the decision-maker of your onlinebusiness, so you have complete control over it.

30 Ideas for OnlineBusiness

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the commission-basedonline business model where you have to promote products to your digitalplatforms and bring sales for a brand.

You can create a website and publish relevantcontent of a particular field of study. As an affiliate marketer, you canpromote products of a specific niche on your blog.

For every sale, the brand will give you x% of theselling price. You need to sign up for affiliate programs or affiliate networksto collaborate with brands and organizations.

#2. Professional Blogging

Blogging and professional blogging have a lot ofdifferences where the latter makes a living for the blogger.

These kinds of bloggers maintain a blog or awebsite, where they consistently publish relevant content on a particulartopic. It could be cooking, traveling, business, technology, etc.

Once they establish the blog as a reputed source,they can register for different ad networks and publish their advertisements onthe blog. There is Google AdSense, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, etc.

#3. Professional Writer

If you think you are good with words and caninspire people to take a specific action, then you have got a fantastic onlinebusiness opportunity for a professional writer.

If you are an expert on a topic, you can alsowrite your eBook and sell it online.

#4. Selling Domains

Selling domain name is one of the oldest forms ofonline business where you can purchase brandable domain names and sell them inauctions.

However, you have to be very specific andresearch-oriented to find out domains that are desirable to others.

You might have to study the market scenario andanticipate which kind of website names people like today, and then you willhave to buy and sell domain names to make money.

Marketplaces like Sedo, GoDaddy, Dynadot, Flippaallow domain auctions to buy and sell domains online.

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 2

#5. eCommerce Store

Have you ever considered taking your businessinternational? You can do that today, thanks to the internet and social media.

If you are a local vendor who is selling a uniqueproduct that is popular in the local market, you can scale your consumer reachto international.

You can list your product on store built with Shopify,Wix, or WooCommerce and create your online store.

#6. Selling Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousandwords. 

Content formats like videos and photographs arepowerful tools to send your message across and communicate with users.

A single image automatically increases theconversion rate on your website and click-through rate for your landing pages.

Therefore, stock photography is an emergingonline business. Since India is an emerging market, Indian stock photography isstill a huge business opportunity.

If you are a good photographer and know how topost-process an image, then you can make six figures easily by sellingphotographs online from India.

#7. Professional WordPress Theme Developer

However, visited a landing page that is notdesigned correctly or not loading in your mobile browser?

As per Google, 74% of people would likely to return to a website if it’s mobile-friendly

Therefore, an attractive and responsive websiteis a powerhouse for getting more engagement and generating more conversionsonline.

If you are a professional website developer, youcan utilize your skills and create a thriving online business of creatingprofessional website themes.

You can publish your themes on marketplaces lightColorlib and Themeforest to sell your themes to people. Or you can also work asa remote theme developer for agencies.

This way, you can monetize your programmingskills and create attractive website layouts for businesses without goinganywhere.

#8. Social Media Manager

Gone are the days when updating Facebook statusor sharing a picture on Instagram are considered to be children’s activities.

For almost a decade, social media has the powerto scale businesses and provide them with a free platform to pursue prospects.

Thanks to people’s regular engagement andaffection towards these social media platforms, the need for social mediamanagers is imminent today.

So, if you are a creative person and understandsocial media users, you can become a successful social media manager and workfrom home in India.

#9. Outreach Agency

Outreach agencies have the power to buildstronger connections with people. They use tools are email, social mediamessages, forum submissions, etc. to establish connections with people.

You can build a team of passionate emailmarketers and help organizations gain more digital popularity and search enginerankings through outreaching.

Outreaching is currently a pioneer in generatingmore SEO value for a website.

So, if you are good at connecting with peopleonline, you must create an outreach agency for yourself and work formultinational agencies remotely from India.

#10. Digital Marketing/SEO Agency

Social media, SEO, emails have become powerfultools to make an organization profitable.

The digital marketing agency can help you earnsix to seven figures per year while also allowing you to have flexible time foryour work.

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 3


If you are also good and optimizing a website, youcan also create an SEO agency for yourself. 

Your job would be to optimize landing pages forparticular keywords and ensure that your website is continually getting organictraffic from search engine result pages.

An excellent way to open a digital marketingagency is to team up with you more individuals in your professional network andprovide appropriate services as a team. Everyone in your team can workpart-time and ensure healthy living for themselves.

#11. App Development

Mobile phones have become a part of our day today routine, whether it is personal or professional.

Mobile apps help us achieve efficiency inwhatever we do. Behind the smartness of these applications goes to theirdevelopers who understood the pain-point of the end-users and created engagingapps for them.

The mobile app can help an organization achievebetter consumer engagement and expand their customer reach.

Therefore, a mobile application developer has agreat opportunity in their hands to earn thousands of dollars by developing amobile application through a side hustle.

#12. Professional Virtual Assistants

Managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs ofmultinational organizations, our startups have a lot of deadlines to meet andtoo many tasks on their schedule.

They sometimes find it hard to manage everythingby themselves. Especially when it comes to manual work like responding toclients, assigning sheets to subordinates, and other data entry related work,they have to invest time and energy for the same.

If anyone proficient in Microsoft Office or dataentry work can get hired as professional virtual assistance by theseentrepreneurs. 

Along with a good payout, virtual assistants alsoget to learn a lot of things from these reputed people by working as a VA fromIndia.

#13. Crypto Trading

It may be unethical to some people, but cryptotrading is still a great deal of generating online money if you know about ICOsand researched Whitepapers.

You have to be good at research and anticipate acompany’s growth by their white papers, and you can trade cryptocurrenciesonline and make six-to-seven figures of money in due time.

However, be very careful in tradingcryptocurrencies. You must trade reliable cryptocurrencies and take acalculated risk.

Moreover, always use reputed exchange andmarketplaces to trade cryptocurrencies. Although it is not legal in India,cryptocurrencies can help you transactions in many international eCommercewebsites that are based out of India.

#14. Web Developer

The website is one of the most critical digitalproperties for businesses of any size. It is like a sales executive who works24 x 7 and 365 days for a company because a website will always be there foryou to represent your business online.

The landing pages of your website will alwaysentertain visitors and provide them with valuable information that they areseeking. The whole user experience from your website will encourage users tointeract with the organization.

So, in a nutshell, the website has a significantimpact on brand reputation and business growth. If you are good with webdeveloping, there is a growing opportunity for you to become a freelance webdeveloper.

Database administrators and backend related jobprofiles have a huge demand in this growing digital age.

#15. Start a Podcast Channel

The podcast is an emerging content format topublish high-quality audio content for your listeners.

A unique advantage of being consumed effectivelycompared to other formats of content. Unlike articles and social media posts,you can multitask while listening to a podcast.

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 4

You can dry, cook, workout, or write whilelistening to a podcast. Therefore, it is the most comfortable format of contentfor people who have a busy schedule.

If you are an expert in a particular field ofstudy, you can create your podcast channel around that subject.  

Podcast organizers get sponsors andadvertisements collaborations from relevant brands to promote products to thelisteners.

It is an excellent opportunity to monetize yourpassion and earn money by speaking the thing you love.

As a podcast organizer, you don’t have to visitany place. You can gradually build your podcast recording studio at your homein India to record content for your audience.

#16. Amazon FBA Business

Amazon provides an excellent opportunity forlocal vendors to scale their business to different geographical locations byutilizing the most prominent eCommerce website on the planet.

If you are a local business owner, you can createan Amazon seller account and utilize fulfillment services by Amazon.

You need to list your products on the eCommercewebsite. As soon as someone orders your stuff from Amazon, its executive wouldship your product after collecting it from your warehouse.

#17. Become YouTuber/vlogger

Video has a unique advantage of creativestorytelling compared to what images and articles have.

You can say a lot of things about a topic througha video.

You can record your daily routine and upload iton YouTube to create your vlogging channel there. If you are contributingexcellent content, you can not only get viral but also impact people’s livesthrough your content.

#18. Sell eBooks

Selling books is one of those industries whichhas taken a paradigm shift through the internet. 

Hardbound and paperback books are stillprevalent, eBooks are also consumed by a lot of people today thanks to itscompactness and portability.

If you’re an expert about a particular field ofstudy, you can develop an eBook and sell it online.

#19. Sell Digital Course

The internet has allowed people to improve theirskills through self-paced courses. 

Lynda, Udemy, Coursera, and dozens of othermarketplaces allow people to upload their courses and sell them.

There are also other platforms, that allows tutors to publish their courses.

Along with videos, you can also share notes,documents, and guides in your course and sell the kit to people online.

#20. Copywriting

I’m sure all the entrepreneurs, online marketers,and bloggers would agree that copywriting is one of the essential skills toensure success online.

Copywriting is very different than article orblog writing. It is a form of persuasive writing where you try to sellsomething to a user without being too salesy.

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 5

Ad copies, social media captions, long-form salespages, and email copies come under copywriting.

So, if you know the underlying psyche of acustomer and you know how to manipulate words to convey profound messages,copywriting is your thing.

#21. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a unique eCommerce businessopportunity where the business owner does not own any inventory.

You can collaborate with a vendor, create anonline store, and list the products on the website.

As you receive an order, the vendor will handlethe fulfillment and logistics department of this business. Your job is topromote and bring sales of the products.

#22. PPC Consultant

In this era of the competitive world, brands andentrepreneurs want quick results, and PPC marketing has the power to generateconversions for the organization instantly.

If you are good with social media and searchengine ads, you can run display and search advertisements and become freelancePPC consultants for companies.

#23. Professional Graphics Designer

Whatever you see, online requires designs made byskilled designers.

The mobile applications, landing pages, socialmedia posts, video, and almost all the other types of content requireinvolvement from an experienced graphic designer.

If you have relevant experience as a designer,then you can build a thriving graphic designing business in India.

#24. Build a SaaS Business

Building a SaaS platform is a long-term businessplan. In your free time, you can work in creating the software as a service platformand then launch it with a subscription plan.

Building as a platform won’t give you quickmoney. If you invest skills and time in your SaaS platform, you can earnmillions of dollars recursively in due time.

#25. Freelancer

The gig economy is on the rise with each passingday. People are choosing a full-time freelance career option instead ofassociating with an organization on a full-time basis.

Fibre, Upwork, Guru, and dozens of otherplatforms will allow you to create a freelancer profile and get work online.

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 6

#26. Create Niche Sites

Niche websites are online resources thatrigorously focus on a specific topic from a massive field of study.

For example, the weight loss topic is a populartopic that comes under the health and fitness niche. So, you can create awebsite that focuses only on weight loss and earn money online.

#27. Professional App Tester

An app that is not working correctly on differenthardware may affect the brand image of the company.

Therefore, testing is crucial for an applicationto ensure the best performance.

You can become a professional freelance apptester and work from India. Your job would be to ensure the app’s performanceunder various conditions and suggest changes to developers.

#28. Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is a reliable careeroption today, which is said to be worth $15 billion by 2022.

If you have representation skills and haveknowledge about a particular topic, you can craft social media content andcreate your audience to become an influencer.

#29. Professional Translators

30 Profitable Ideas To Start An Online Business in India 7

Thanks to the internet and globalization,companies and organizations have the power to reach people from differentgeographical locations.

If you have a command over several locallanguages, you can monetize your skills by becoming a professional freelancetranslator and help companies sell their products in India.

#30. Business Consultancy

If you have experience in management, you canmonetize your skills as a freelance business consultant.

You can help startups, agencies, and otherfreelancers grow their business in their industries by creating an actionableroadmap for them.


Do let me know what your thoughts about theseprofitable ideas to start an online business in India are.

I am sure that you will have got a turn ofbusiness option after reading this article.

Drop your comments below to share your thoughtson how are you planning to monetize your skills and earn extra income foryourself in 2020.